Off The Leash Raw Energy Blend

Off The Leash RedOff The Leash Red
Off The Leash GreenOff The Leash Green


Off the Leash Raw Energy Blends are made from 100% plant based whole-food ingredients which means there are more nutrients available and they are more efficiently absorbed.

Both blends, Red and Green offer 14 grams of complex carbohydrates for an even stream of energy over a longer period of time compared to carbs coming from sugar which cause an energy spike. Red has 4 and Green has 2 grams of sugar which in these blends are complex carbs coming from the plants. We do NOT add sugar.

Alkaline forming foods, which comprise both blends, help balance pH and fight inflammation.

Off the leash Red and Green are energy packed to provide you with what you need before exercise and the raw materials to replenish your body after.

• Energy. Easily absorbed raw, whole-food ingredients.
• Endurance. Complex carbohydrates can keep your energy levels stable, a real benefit during exercise.
• Focus. 40mg. off caffeine from organic Matcha tea gets the party started before an early morning workout or meeting an afternoon business deadline.