The 4 Blend Sampler is a great way to try each of LCR's raw whole-food shake blends. Each blend is packed with raw, whole-food, 100% plant-based nutrition. Our Super Shakes, Farmers Market, Produce Row and Cascade are made with freeze dried fruits and vegetables, organic plant based proteins and an organic blend of complex carbohydrates, a great way to start your day and keep it going.

CocoaMotive is a strait up chocolate protein shake. This blend offers 22 grams of organic plant based protein in a 10 oz. shake. The Cocoa part is 5 grams of organic, raw, non fermented Cacao and 4.5 grams of organic, raw dutch Cocoa. The Motive part is how you'll feel after you finish this very rich flavored and satisfying Premium Blend. Check out all the ingredients by clicking on individual pouches in Products.